Cloud Training and Certification: The Enterprise Imperative

Elevate Cloud Computing From Amateur to Professional Status

As the noted writer and futurist William Gibson stated: “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” And in no field is this more true than cloud computing. From its very start, cloud computing has been avidly adopted by startups, mavericks and rogues, drawn by its easy access, high scalability, and, critically, its pay-per-use model obviating the need for significant capital investment.

Over the past few years, enterprises have also adopted cloud comBernard-Goldenputing — and today, major cloud providers can each point to large enterprises making significant use of their cloud computing offerings.

What is less appreciated, however, is the inconsistent level of cloud adoption throughout these enterprise customers. Within each enterprise, some groups are running large applications that represent two or more year’s experience in the environment, while other groups in the same company may just be starting to experiment with the same provider. And, in that same enterprise, there may be other groups that are completely inexperienced with cloud computing and just beginning to learn the ins and outs of the cloud.

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Paas and Agile DevOps – Accelerating corporate productivity through new software practices

One of our headline Cloud best practice themes is PaaS & Agile DevOps, refering to the combination of the Platform as a Service model with new modes of software development that unite Agile practices with ‘DevOps‘, the integration of Development and Operations.

metro-news2DevOps with WordPress – Case study: Metro Newspaper

With the media sector and WordPress in mind, a great case study example of this is the Metro Newspaper.

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Identity Assurance and an Expanded Password System

passwordSummary:  “Assured Identity” hinges on “Shared Secrets” in cyberspace.  The text password has been the shared secrets for many decades. We now need a successor to the text password.

There exists a promising candidate, an Expanded Password System which accepts images as well as characters and which generates a high-entropy password from a hard-to-forget password .

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Global Cloud best practices

PageLines- cbpn1.jpgThe CBPN is a global community of practice specializing in Cloud Computing, covering the core topics such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, as well as how the technology can be used.

In particular we focus on how others can also leverage these communities, via the same software tools we use like WordPress.

One of my primary inspirations for the Cloud Best Practices Network was the idea of “open sourcing best practices”, in that great organizational case studies can be easily replicated elsewhere when it is based on open source software.

For example the Hackney Crowd Map is a great example of a pioneering social innovation program, seeking to identify and help those impacted by housing cuts. Very timely as you can imagine in today’s UK.

This is implemented via WordPress and so is thus instantly repeatable for any one else who wants to implement the same social program where they are.

So as well as cataloguing these case study examples and their associated software footprints, we’ll also build our best practice sharing in a variety of other ways too, stay tuned.