Tasktop – DevOps Integration Hub

Other vendor examples offer the full integrated suite, such as Tasktop’s Integration Hub. As they suggest in their blog one of the key bottlenecks constricting the throughput of DevOps teams is the lack of integration between the different tools used to complete the software development lifecycle. So they have suggested the need for a general […]

Accenture – Open Source DevOps

There are also a wealth of open source options for building a DevOps toolchain. Described in this blog is the news Accenture open sourced their own DevOps design and tool set, and also an overview for how you can repeat your own implementation of their powerful model. ‘ADOP’ – Accenture DevOps Platform is: a framework […]

AWS – Enterprise Cloud Adoption Maturity

As this IDC report shows only 25% of organizations have repeatable strategies for Cloud adoption, with 32% having no Cloud strategy at all, describing the need for a best practice based repeatable framework for planning Cloud adoption that drives business success. This Forbes posting from Joe McKindrick also references this research, describing: only about one […]

Serverless Startups – Inside @Skyscanner Engineering HQ, with Gareth Williams, CEO/Co-Founder

Serverless Computing Serverless Cloud Computing is a great example of both the dynamism of Cloud services and also how this infrastructure evolution is changing the very nature of software engineering itself. Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. Pricing is based on […]

AWS for Government

By following the USA-led agenda of Cloud First we can also look to them to envisage a future of where this can lead. As this video interview describes in those early times the AWS Public Sector Summit was also still a small event of only 50 people in a hotel basement. Now it’s a booming […]

Cloudsoft – Cloud Solution Design Blueprints

In short Cloudsoft makes this reuse possible, offering a Cloud management platform where the underlying system configurations required to repeat the implementations can be defined via ‘application blueprints’, a method for defining them as templates that can then be instantiated across any permutation of Cloud service providers, such as AWS or Google, or even in-house. […]

Microsoft Azure – Data Science Cloud

Azure GovCloud As part of their Azure for Government suite Microsoft also tailors their Cloud solutions for public sector needs. They have also demonstrated compliance with Government Cloud security requirements, publishing a blueprint defining this for the UK G-Cloud. Open Data Science is a key skill set that can deliver transformational improvements for government, and […]

Government at Scale – Moving out of the basement

Niall Creech, Head of Cloud Engineering at the Ministry of Justice, provides this excellent case study of the type of benefits Scottish agencies can seek from doing so, documenting their move to the AWS Cloud as shifting to Government at Scale. Other agencies like the Home Office are also seeking to replicate the move. Agile […]

An Agile Approach to Mass Migrations

Cloud Migration best practices address simple through complex needs for migrating and often modernizing legacy applications to the Cloud. Legacy Modernization As NextGov reports in November 2017 the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act that contained a modified version of the Modernizing Government Technology Act. The MGT Act creates a $500 million central modernization […]

Digital Disruptors: “Born on the Cloud”

Harnessing the Cloud to build dynamic, disruptive business models.