AWS for Government

By following the USA-led agenda of Cloud First we can also look to them to envisage a future of where this can lead. As this video interview describes in those early times the AWS Public Sector Summit was also still a small event of only 50 people in a hotel basement.

Now it’s a booming conference with over 10,000 attendees and critically, a showcase for major agencies such as the CIA who have now fully embraced the trend and made the move.

These pioneers act as leading lights to inspire others to follow their journey, instilling confidence and generating the shareable expertise for how to do it. The tired excuse for avoiding Cloud adoption is always information security but it’s safe to say if it’s secure enough for the CIA it’s secure enough for Scottish agencies.

Theresa Carlson highlights that they act as an exemplar of Cloud-enabled public sector innovation not just for the USA but for the world, with similar adoption in the UK now picking up via adoption by agencies such as GCHQ and the Department of Justice.

Other notable examples include the DVLA, utilizing AWS to more rapidly pioneer new digital service innovations, such as the MOT service that processes 42 million transactions annually and the Commercial Vehicle Operator licence.


The tier one Cloud providers like AWS have tailored their services for the public sector.

For example data security is usually the first concern raised and AWS has taken a number of steps to address this requirement, aligning their services to the documented standards for the Canadian Government, as well as for the UK G-Cloud, and developing relevant services such as Secure Network Connections from their experiences of working with the USA Government.

The portfolio of innovation-enabling Cloud services that AWS offers can be harnessed for a variety of Scottish public sector scenarios, such as utilizing Kinesis for Smart Cities.

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