Build your billion dollar SaaS venture on AWS – Best Practices

Become a SaaS Entrepreneur

When I pioneered my first SaaS venture back in 1994 it was on a DEC VMS mainframe and customers connected via private WAN links, and the whole kit and caboodle cost a few million bucks.

Now you have more computing power in your smartphone and you can rent an infinite capacity via the Internet, starting at free.

Given the valuations SaaS startups can sell for ranged from $2.3m through $9.3 BILLION for the top 10 deals in 2016, there’s no other startup type that can consistently generate such a massive upside for such a low cost/risk entry.

With early 2017 deals like Cisco’s $3.7 BILLION acquisition of AppDynamics the trend is only increasing exponentially, so what better time to launch your SaaS venture.

AWS for SaaS Startups

And you need look no further than AWS as your ideal platform partner. Not only do they offer all the raw computing power you’ll ever need, they also offer a comprehensive best practices program specifically for SaaS startups.

Most notably this includes a blog category specifically on this topic and their SaaS Enablement Framework, an end-to-end aggregation of the common patterns and practices that are frequently used to build and deliver SaaS solutions on the AWS stack of services.

This earlier 2010 white paper SaaS on AWS provides a solid introduction to the general principles, and CloudAcademy offers a similarly helpful overview. AWS partner vendors like Blazeclan and Usersnap also provide helpful intros, from their tools perspective.

The AWS white paper Tenant Isolation Architectures offers a particularly meaty analysis of the core principles of SaaS design, and Rapid River explains how to master the related DNSsec challenge.

AWS also recently launched SaaS Subscriptions and one of their partners explores spanning your SaaS across multiple accounts.

Case studies

There are also awesome case studies available of SaaS ventures running on AWS:

So what are you waiting for, the start of your billion dollar SaaS venture is only a click away.

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