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Cloudsoft – Cloud Solution Design Blueprints

In short Cloudsoft makes this reuse possible, offering a Cloud management platform where the underlying system configurations required to repeat the implementations can be defined via ‘application blueprints’, a method for defining them as templates that can then be instantiated across any permutation of Cloud service providers, such as AWS or Google, or even in-house. […]

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An Agile Approach to Mass Migrations

Cloud Migration best practices address simple through complex needs for migrating and often modernizing legacy applications to the Cloud. Legacy Modernization As NextGov reports in November 2017 the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act that contained a modified version of the Modernizing Government Technology Act. The MGT Act creates a $500 million central modernization […]

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IaaS or PaaS – Migrating Legacy Microsoft Applications to Azure ‘Business as a Platform’

Cloud Solution Design In their white paper Microsoft IT transitions core business applications to Microsoft Azure PaaS1, Microsoft explores the dynamics that can be considered when determining whether IaaS, PaaS or SaaS is the right option for your Cloud Migration project, through detailing a number of their own migration case studies. This decision process is […]

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Microsoft: Cloud Solution Design best practices

Cloud Solution Design is the review and planning process to translate customer requirements into deployed Cloud services that meet those needs. In this presentation for building a Cloud strategy the Microsoft Enterprise Architecture and Strategy team shared their blueprint for an overall framework to guide Cloud Migration. Most notably they approach this from an Enterprise […]

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DevOps Toolchains – Integrated Toolchains for High Performance Software Development

The overall goal of the Cloud Native formula is the shift to DevOps practices, and this section begins to describe how all of these different trends combine to unleash the power of the formula. As Wikipedia explains DevOps is: a clipped compound of “software DEVelopment” and “information technology OPeration S“) and is a term used […]

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