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Sharepoint to Azure Transformation

BCWeb was originally developed as a Sharepoint application, highlighting another decision possibility for migrating legacy apps to the Cloud, in that a ‘lift and shift’ option is possible, through migrating on-premise Sharepoint to Azure-based Sharepoint hosting ((, or even to Office 365. In the case of this project they moved away from Sharepoint and re-built […]

Cloud Transformation: Migration and Modernization

A process of ‘migrating to the IaaS Cloud’ can be very simple, such as moving from in-house Microsoft Exchange email to Google Apps, or it can be very complex – A long term plan to close multiple data centres, consolidate and migrate hundreds of applications. So for every scenario a pre-migration business planning exercise that […]

Cloud Native at AWS – Adrian Cockcroft, Amazon Web Services

Adrian Cockcroft provides an overview of the evolution of Cloud Native principles and innovations at AWS.

AWS – Enterprise Cloud Adoption Maturity

An enterprise Cloud adoption maturity model from AWS.

An Agile Approach to Mass Migrations

A comprehensive primer on a wholesale transformation framework that is based on and can integrate with existing Agile practices.

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware’s SDDC can now be used on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, enabling users to run VMware applications across consistent public, private, or hybrid vSphere-based cloud environments.

Enterprise PaaS – Agile Architecture for Continuous Innovation

Enterprise PaaS refers to the internal application of the Platform as a Service model, with the goal of boosting software productivity through standardized developer tools and common components.

Hybrid Cloud: Taming the Digital Dragon

The Hybrid Cloud is a key enabling architecture for digital transformation.

Legacy to Cloud Transformation: From Monolith to Microservices

From Monolith to Microservices Modernization would enable government agencies to eliminate unnecessary, non standard and obsolete technologies, a huge cost they endure, but more importantly would enable them to break “innovation gridlock”. Breaking innovation gridlock Exploring the nature of these benefits can help specify exactly what business executives are hoping to gain by moving to […]