Cloud Migration5 Videos

Sharepoint to Azure Transformation

BCWeb was originally developed as a Sharepoint application, highlighting another decision possibility for migrating legacy apps to the Cloud, in that a ‘lift and shift’ option is possible, through migrating on-premise Sharepoint to Azure-based Sharepoint hosting ((, or even to Office 365. In the case of this project they moved away from Sharepoint and re-built […]

Cloud Transformation: Migration and Modernization

A process of ‘migrating to the IaaS Cloud’ can be very simple, such as moving from in-house Microsoft Exchange email to Google Apps, or it can be very complex – A long term plan to close multiple data centres, consolidate and migrate hundreds of applications. So for every scenario a pre-migration business planning exercise that […]

AWS – Enterprise Cloud Adoption Maturity

An enterprise Cloud adoption maturity model from AWS.

An Agile Approach to Mass Migrations

A comprehensive primer on a wholesale transformation framework that is based on and can integrate with existing Agile practices.

Netflix – Exemplar blueprint for Cloud Native Computing

An in-depth overview of Netflix and their wholesale transformation to Cloud Native Computing.