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An Agile Approach to Mass Migrations

Cloud Migration best practices address simple through complex needs for migrating and often modernizing legacy applications to the Cloud. Legacy Modernization As NextGov reports in November 2017 the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act that contained a modified version of the Modernizing Government Technology Act. The MGT Act creates a $500 million central modernization […]

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VMware Cloud on AWS

Announced on 28 Aug 2017 Amazon has launched VMware Cloud on AWS. With this update, VMware’s Software-Designed Data Center (SDDC) can now be used on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, enabling users to run VMware applications across consistent public, private, or hybrid vSphere-based cloud environments, while also having optimized access to AWS services. This service was designed […]

Enterprise PaaS – Agile Architecture for Continuous Innovation

Enterprise PaaS refers to the internal application of the Platform as a Service model, with the goal of boosting software productivity through standardized developer tools and common components. PaaS can be utilized via public or private Cloud deployment models. Public Cloud services include Microsoft Azure and Google, and vendor software for building your own in-house […]

An Agile Approach to Mass Migrations

Hybrid Cloud: Taming the Digital Dragon

In their 2014 CIO Agenda report Gartner describes how ‘Taming the Digital Dragon’ (12 page PDF) is key to digital transformation strategies, with the hybrid cloud platform model as the enabling technology blueprint and business model. As their ‘We are here’ arrow describes, Gartner proposes we are at the transition point from a second to a third generation […]

Enterprise cloud transformation: Enabling the strategy focused IT organisation

Adapting a large enterprise to exploit the new business opportunities presented by the On Demand Economy is no small feat. However, considerable resources now exist to explain and map how cloud computing can provide a platform for accelerating this capability. Adopting cloud computing services can be a simple, tactical exercise to meet some immediate infrastructure […]

An Agile Approach to Mass Migrations