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Container Journey: Past, Present, and Future

A detailed history and overview of containers from the founder of Kubernetes.

Accenture – Open Source DevOps

Accenture explains their recipe for an open source built DevOps toolchain.

Serverless Startups – Inside @Skyscanner Engineering HQ, with Gareth Williams, CEO/Co-Founder

Serverless Cloud Computing is a great example of both the dynamism of Cloud services and also how this infrastructure evolution is changing the very nature of software engineering itself.

AWS for Government

An overview of the AWS services tailored for the public sector.

Microsoft Azure – Data Science Cloud

Building an open data cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Government at Scale – Moving out of the basement

How Cloud adoption can scale the public sector the same way it does the digital natives.

Digital Disruptors: “Born on the Cloud”

Harnessing the Cloud to build dynamic, disruptive business models.

Cloud Native Maturity Model

Maturity model definitions for Cloud Native Computing.