AWS – Enterprise Cloud Adoption Maturity

An enterprise Cloud adoption maturity model from AWS.

AWS for Government

An overview of the AWS services tailored for the public sector.

An Agile Approach to Mass Migrations

A comprehensive primer on a wholesale transformation framework that is based on and can integrate with existing Agile practices.

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware’s SDDC can now be used on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, enabling users to run VMware applications across consistent public, private, or hybrid vSphere-based cloud environments.

Going Cloud Native with AWS

AWS Application Lifecycle Management services for implementing DevOps practices.

Build your billion dollar SaaS venture on AWS – Best Practices

Become a SaaS Entrepreneur When I pioneered my first SaaS venture back in 1994 it was on a DEC VMS mainframe and customers connected via private WAN links, and the whole kit and caboodle cost a few million bucks. Now you have more computing power in your smartphone and you can rent an infinite capacity […]