Best Practices

Practices and case studies to help plan disruptive Digital Business Models.

Evolving digital maturity and competitiveness through Business Architecture.

Designing business metrics for profitable, high performance DevOps.

The Cloud Native architecture maturity model is central to a more dynamic and mature IT infrastructure that makes possible digital transformation and competitive advantage

Enterprise Cloud maturity can be accelerated through VMware Cloud on AWS.

In their 2014 CIO Agenda report Gartner describes how ‘Taming the Digital Dragon’ (12 page PDF) is key to digital transformation strategies, with the hybrid cloud platform model ...

Best practices for modernizing legacy applications to a Cloud Native architecture.

Cloud Solution Design is the review and planning process to translate customer requirements into deployed Cloud services that meet those needs. In this presentation for ...

Adapting a large enterprise to exploit the new business opportunities presented by the On Demand Economy is no small feat. However, considerable resources now exist to explain and ...