Cloud Transformation

Our simple Cloud Transformation Lifecycle defines an end to end process for planning, implementing and managing Cloud Migrations and Digital Transformation, referencing a comprehensive suite of real-world case studies.

Phase   Key Activities and References
Transform Planning   Determine scope through Architecture Driven Modernization and identify service models through Cloud Solution Design.

Cloud Migration   Develop Cloud Migration Roadmap.

Cloud Operate and Manage   Implement ongoing Application Operations utilizing 'Infrastructure as Code' best practices.

Use Case Studies

These case studies provide examples of the different scopes and drivers of Cloud Migrations that are defined in Architecture Driven Modernization.

Scope Provider Case study
Lift and Shift Azure Microsoft HCP - Microsoft had a zero downtime requirement for their highly sensitive customer privacy system, migrating it entirely as is from on premise to Azure.

Database Modernization and Migration AWS Netflix - Netflix wanted to shift from on premise Oracle databases to a Cloud Native approach, migrating core billing systems to AWS and also to a new Cassandra / MySQL database platform.

Application Transformation Azure Microsoft MS Sales - Microsoft's core Revenue Reporting system had reached the limits of both the underlying infrastructure and also the application functionality essential to agile competitiveness.

It was identified that Lift and Shift only would not address the latter challenge, and so additionally the apps were modernized for Azure PaaS to leverage a Microservices and Big Data architecture.



Best Practices


Event Readiness

The AWS White Paper Infrastructure Event Readiness describes best practices for preparing your AWS environment for planned major events, highlighting how your resources can be tagged and assigned into Resource Groups.

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