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GCP has 11 regions, 33 zones, over 100 points of presence. The Pricing Calculator returns an estimate of GCP costs based on your configuration requirements.

Their team blog covers regular updates.

While AWS is commonly recognized as the overall industry leader, GCP has been placed first in specific Cloud service categories, for example Insight PaaS by Forrester.

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Case Studies

  • Ocado - Ocado initially used Hadoop and Apache Spark software on Google Compute Engine, but then saw the benefits of using Google BigQuery to create and display complex real-time analytics for their Ocado Smart Platform. GCP’s data solution lets Ocado’s business analysts avoid the complex setup and workflow required to run queries against Hadoop and Spark, and also helps them expand data analytics out to its supplier and partners
  • Euromaster - Following implementation of G Suite, utilized GCP’s integration with G Suite through a single sign on, Euromaster created a global enterprise architecture for CCOP, their productivity forecasting system, using Cloud SQL, BigQuery for powerful analytics and is routed through Sheets for ease of use by staff at every level. BigQuery and Firebase are used to deliver a mobile app that technicians can carry around a vehicle, relaying analytics data in real-time to the customer and feeding information to a CRM that generates automatic notifications of maintenance needs weeks or months later.
  • MetGlobal - Using CloudEndure block level replication tools  MetGlobal migrated more than 600 VMs to Google Cloud Platform in less than 90 days. With Google Cloud Load Balancing and autoscaling on Google Container Engine, MetGlobal reports a response time of less than one second across a global network. The MetGlobal business intelligence team uses Google Cloud Dataflow, Google Cloud Dataproc and Google BigQuery to enable fast and powerful analytics with minimal DevOps.
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Partner Solutions

  • Google has teamed with Nutanix to offer a hybrid cloud approach by automating provisioning and lifecycle management of applications across Nutanix and GCP using the Nutanix Calm solution, leverage Nutanix Xi for services such as Disaster Recovery and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS support for hybrid Kubernetes environments running Google Container Engine in the cloud and a Kubernetes cluster on Nutanix on-premises. 
  • SAP and Google partnered to develop a data custodian model, an ability to store and process sensitive data on public cloud platforms, while complying with regulations and managing unauthorized access risks.
  • BeyondCorp is a security approach used by Google that allows employees to work from anywhere, quickly and easily, and they also partnered to offer elements of BeyondCorp to other organizations, in the form of Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP).
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Multi-Cloud Architecture

A key scenario for GCP is to complement AWS in a 'multi-cloud' architecture.

The Comic Relief case study describes a reference blueprint for Multi-Cloud Microservices for E-Commerce, which utilizes both AWS and GCP for a highly resilient, massive scale architecture.

Metamarkets also explores the AWS / GCP multi-cloud scenario.

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