CBPN ebooks are formed through collating the best blog submissions to the site, that address the particular agenda requirements of that publication.

These are updated regularly to ensure they always reflect the latest insights and product news, and guest submission updates are welcome at any time. Successful inclusions automatically award the author CBPN Expert Membership.

Solution Guides

Primarily CBPN ebooks are intended as ‘Solution Guides’, meaning an overview of a certain approach of Cloud Best Practices applied towards a specific industry or functional scenario and set of requirements, and are intended as implementable ‘recipes’, meaning they additionally package together:

  • Playlist Guides – Each blog incorporated into an ebook is typically accompanied by one or more Youtube videos. Each solution guide catalogues all of these into a single Playlist to accompany that ebook.
  • Digital Business Models – Market overviews and new Business Capabilities that form new digital business models, in the form of templates that can be used for Canvas modeling applications.
  • Cloud Solution Blueprints – How these models can be implemented on public Cloud services.This can also include Github repos, so that the entire solution is downloadable and repeatable.
  • ELearning Courseware – Each solution can also detail accompanying e-learning courses, including those such as How To Sell guides for commercial teams as well as core technical topics on Cloud computing.

Expert Contributor Membership

Ebook guides and the site itself are populated and regularly updated from expert contributors. This can be in the form of a one-off guest submission or through full Expert membership that provides a variety of site features, available via:

  • Buy a commercial option that includes Expert membership as part of the package.
  • Earn through accumulating digital xPoints.
  • Apply for special consideration.