Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration follows a process of Cloud Solution Design. Having identified a digital strategy and the capabilities required to implement it, solution design maps these to the required Cloud services, with this phase planning and implementing the implementation of this design.

IaaS vs PaaS

Determining whether to migrate to IaaS (“lift and shift”) or PaaS highlights the value of the first Digital Transformation planning process, to identify whether the benefits sought are purely related to the replacement of server hardware, or if transformation of software development and business process are also key goals.

This is effectively explored through this Microsoft use case solution Migrating Legacy Microsoft Applications to Azure ‘Business as a Platform’.

Planning Cloud Migration

This AWS presentation defines the context and sequence, and the key activities involved in the Cloud Migration process.

Migrating Applications to Public Cloud Services: Roadmap for Success from the Cloud Standards Customer Council defines a comprehensive migration review process, covering:

  • A checklist for identifying Application Candidates for Migration to Cloud Computing.
  • Building a business case.
  • Developing a technical approach and integration model.
  • Addressing Security & Privacy Requirements.
  • Migration procedures.

The Nimbo white paper Data Centre Migration to the Cloud describes the technical details of planning migration of a traditional to a Cloud Data Centre (CDC), highlighting questions to consider such as:

  • Networking – How do you want segment resources in terms of subnets and DHCP blocks, and do you want the CDC to be Internet connected?
  • Security and Access Control – Who/how do you want to control access? What security rules do you want in place, and where? Per server, subnet or grouping?
  • High Availability – Do you want multiple CDCs for high availability and disaster recovery?
  • Sizing – Determine CPU, RAM, storage, IOPS and networking requirements for the migrating applications.
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Migration Effort and Tools

The AWS presentation also provides a framework for estimating the migration workloads, and what methods to use for each.