Social Marketing Platform

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The CBPN site provides a powerful social content marketing platform, as a service.

We combine expert writing and PR agency services with integrated Cloud applications that automate high volume marketing, to boost your industry presence, press coverage and lead generation.

Social SEO Content Marketing

Our own original, high quality content is widely respected and syndicated across the industry. For example this article republished by CloudTech enjoyed hundreds of social shares.

The site is highly optimized for SEO. All content such as blogs and vendor profiles, are individually tagged with keynote terms to maximize your SEO footprint.

Social Calendar Campaigns

Reschedule social messages, content, or projects from anywhere on the calendar. Simply drag and drop your content to a new day and anything associated with it will automatically adjust to its new time as well.

Build your social promotion directly in the calendar. Create messages, add links and images, and publish to all your favorite social networks.

Schedule with confidence with Best Time Scheduling, knowing your messages are being sent at the best time possibleaccording to research and best practices – for increased traffic, engagement, and followers.

intelligently send them out at the best possible traffic times for each network

Lead Generation

The site integrates lead generation landing pages that .