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Cloud Solution Design: XaaS Mapping

Cloud Solution Design can mostly simply be thought of as a process of “XaaS Mapping”, refering to identifying which particular type of Cloud service might be the best fit for your particular business requirement(s). As [...]

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Containers as a platform for Autonomic Computing

An overall theme of Cloud computing and the specific practices within it is fundamentally one of automation. The core value of technology is to continually automate low level procedures to free up people to work [...]

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Vendor Profiles

Enterprise Storage Options: On Premise vs Cloud

August 19, 2016 0

By Katherine Gerweck, writing on behalf of Whether it’s big or small, a business needs a safe place to store its files. While in the past this could be accomplished with an on-premise server, […]

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Tasktop – DevOps Integration Hub

Tasktop Sync synchronizes artifacts created within the various software development and delivery tools used across the enterprise. ...
By CBPN Admin | June 18, 2016 |


ProductPlan is the easiest way to plan, visualize, and share your product roadmap. ...
By CBPN Admin | June 10, 2016 |