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ACE : Building Localized Self-Sovereign Identity Ecosystems

In addition to the global identity governance networks like Sovrin, SSI pioneers are also developing localized ecosystem collaborations. In Alberta the state owned bank ATB Financial is building 'ACE', the Alberta Credential Ecosystem, a local collaboration of organizations beginning to...

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Forging Self Sovereign Identity in the Age of the Blockchain

What is Self Sovereign Identity? Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is the cutting edge evolution of Digital Identity innovations. It represents the most significant evolution of the Internet since DNS. It will enable a similar global addressing system but for people and...

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Open Banking 3.0 – The Intersection of the Identity Metasystem and Digital Banking

How digital banking pioneers like Barclaycard are harnessing the emerging trend of Self-Sovereign Identity to usher in a new era of seamless open banking.

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Azure Cloud Migration and Business Transformation

Microsoft offers best practices for planning transition to their Cloud services through their Migration Centre, including a detailed white paper, as well as a number of customizations to support the migration. Services like Azure Site Recovery and Database Migration Service...

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Cloud Native on AWS

Naturally AWS is one of the primary Cloud providers for implementation of Cloud Native practices. Amazon is proactively working the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to integrate components with AWS ECS for container network interface (CNI). AWS native VPC networking...

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JP Morgan – Pioneering Open Banking Transformation through Blockchain and Machine Learning

JP Morgan is pioneering Open Banking transformation through harnessing data science, AI and the Blockchain.

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Starling Bank – Pioneering the Platformification of Banking

In-depth case study of how Megan Caywood led Starling Bank to pioneer the Cloud-based Platformification of Digital Banking.

Continue Reading is powering the next generation of ‘API-Based Banking’ offers a platform for banks to seize the opportunity of 'API-Based Banking', monetizing the Open Banking trend through premium APIs.

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Mastercard – Positioning to win the Battle of the Payment Giants

An overview of Mastercard's strategy for leading the Open Banking market through key innovations such as Instant Payments for e-commerce merchants.

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From Screen Scraping to SCA: Strong Customer Authentication

The requirements to evolve from 'screen scraping' to Secure Customer Authentication will force a rising tide that floats all boats for Open Banking.

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