Expert Curriculum

The CBPN offers a library of courses of articles and video reviews, intended to support self-driven online learning which covers a curriculum of:

Digital Transformation through Cloud Computing

The curriculum is intended to span a complete digital transformation lifecycle, from business strategy through final implementation, cascading down from a first top level focus on these strategies.

Digital CIO

This includes a general review of key roles notably the CIO/CTO aka the ‘Chief Digital Officer’ function, and also explores specific industry scenarios, including Banking and Government.

Digital Business Architecture

The next, middle layer of activity functions to translate these stated ambitions into business and technology models, so they can be implemented. Digital transformation skills, notably using Business Architecture to plan and manage all of this change, concludes these three core competency areas.

Cloud Migration

This will include key transitions such as migrating to the Cloud.

Cloud Native DevOps

Ultimately to achieve the goals it will likely also required an expanded and advanced skill set, the use of DevOps practices for example, to harness the faster rates of software innovation that this transition makes possible.

Implementation Guides

Finally the Implementation Guides section aims to offer template guides for practical application of all of these skills and approaches, through blueprints for the common deployment scenarios, notably AWS, Azure and Google.

Where possible this is supported through Github Learning Courses, so that ‘Download and Repeat’ learning options are available.