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The CBPN operates a network of publishing sites and social communities, including our Linkedin group with 11,000+ industry members sharing news and best practices, which is free to join.

We also offer additional Membership Services specific to this site:-


Site Documentation

This is the Site Documentation, how to create Content on the CBPN site.

Blogs and Updates

Ideal for quick moving, social content.

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Library Pages

For permanent, reference material.

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Keynote Authors

The primary interface to the site and communications channel is a regular series of blogs and expert articles. Our headline marketing activities promote these articles throughout a network of distribution partners, establishing thought leadership branding for our Authors.


Contributors help build our knowledge base repository, ranging from feedback Ideas through to upload of valuable resources to a github repository.

Roadmap Reviewers

The primary purpose of each CBPN initiative is production of a Technology Roadmap, requiring in-depth technical expertise be applied to review and progress ideas for developing out each associated knowledge base.

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