Digital Marketing Services

The CBPN team offers a complete suite of digital marketing campaign services for Cloud vendors.

Contact us to discuss your campaign requirements.

Content Marketing

Vendors can self-post their own promotional blogs, and we also offer expert writing services if you don't have the time. Both enjoy:

  • Extensive promotion across our social networks.
  • Expert SEO tagging to maximize search engine discoverability.
  • Direct search engine submissions and creation of many off-page backlinks.
Viral campaigns

We further employ a distributed social promotion team, to reshare posts to a collective network of over 100k connected contacts, and into relevant Linkedin groups with a total audience of over 1m.

Social Marketing Calendar

In addition to one-off articles we can also take on a role as your full-time virtual agency.

Using a sophisticated Social Scheduling app we can work online with your team to plan and manage a regular schedule of authoring and article promotions, using Agile principles and Kanban boards. Features include:

  • Headline Analyzer - Ensure article headlines are punchy and eye-catching.
  • Automation - Schedule months of postings in advance, and intelligently repost them to maximize distribution with minimum effort.
  • Email Marketing - Deliver campaigns to multiple channels through one scheduler.

Engaging social content

For all of our service options we will tweet the post across our social networks. We specialize in creating engaging, viral content.

Performance Reporting

Via the Calendar tool we provide detailed reporting on the effectiveness of article link marketing.