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Smart Apartments with Alexa & AWS IoT


This video describes how Klika Tech built a smart home solution for luxury apartments using AWS technology, AWS IoT and Alexa for business.

At 0:46, Elena Koshchaeva, project manager of Klika Tech talks about the characteristics that make the apartment.  At 0:55 she states that the Klika Tech develops solutions for businesses, adding that they have worked with Stonehenge NYC for five years.

At 1:18, Elena begins to explain what exactly a smart home is, highlighting that the apartment has junctures for voice control that would regulate the apartment. At 1:34 she adds that the current apartment has two rooms, each having the AC that is equipped with a smart clock which controls the AC by voice, as well as the humidity and temperature sensors. At 1:43 she continues to describe that a brief set of custom skills has also been developed for the storage, residence and office purposes.

At 2:01 she demonstrates the working of Alexa with smart apartments. She begins by showing Alexa responding to details regarding the temperature, visitors, package and maintenance request. Furthermore, she emphasizes how this works at the back end. She states that the Alexa system has been used for the business to locate which specific apartment, adding at 2:35 that there was a need to provide the Stonehenge apartment management the centralized control over the echoes.

At 3:35, she explains the various devices and how they were retrofitted into the apartment in a frictionless manner. She adds on that with the help of the smart plug, the apartment can be made smart in just 15 minutes. She also tells that the own park plugs developed by us have the power sensor that measures the power consumption of the AC unit.  The ESP board that helps in the connection with the IoT cloud through Wi-Fi. At 4:05 she explains the expresso that is both a temperature and humidity sensor.

At 4:52 Elena begins to explain the underlying architecture at the backend that makes of this work, stating that this was built in AWS.

She briefs that all the data gets sent to the AWS IOT core thereby being a gateway less architecture. At 5:37 she says that the architecture has the certificate-based security mechanism, and at 5:53 explains that the shadow has been used in the architecture to have the decoupled state of the device. At 6:26 she emphasizes that the registry is used where the quick placement gets sorted like finding the building or the apartment rule.

At 7:18 she furthermore adds that the rule engine and the AWS IOT is used for putting data into the AWS IOT analytics. She says that the elastic search is also added in order to get the proper aggregated form of data to gain multiple functionalities. At 8:28 she says that the data has been put in the DynamoDB as well to determine the state change of the device.

At 10:21 Mr.Eyal Reggev, the President of the Stonehenge NYC is interviewed to know more about Stonehenge.

He begins by stating that Stonehenge is a private real estate company founded in the early 90s. The company focuses mainly on the multifamily rental properties in Manhattan and own nearly 2 and a half billion dollars worth of properties. At 11:20 he states that their company firmly believed that voice is going to be the next big thing in real estate.

He demonstrates that the technology can be used in determining the number of apartments available at the building at his desk using the voice. He concludes that innovation and customer easiness has always been their highest priority.

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