AWS Microservices

This 2016 AWS Summit presentation provides a comprehensive overview including the broader context of how it fits within this DevOps framework. Their white paper provides a detailed review and this presentation dives more into the technical details and offers a number of implementation patterns:

Anyone can implement a microservices architecture on AWS with a simple Elastic Load Balancer, a few EC2 instances and a datastore like Amazon RDS or DynamoDB. The EC2 instances can be used for deploying microservices. However, depending on the size of the service, this can be an expensive choice. Here some other Amazon tools that can help with microservices:

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk – This orchestration service makes microservices deployment easier.
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) – Containers have become part of the microservices culture. Amazon’s ECS helps makes scheduling of containers more flexible.
  • Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda – Serverless computing is gaining popularity. By combining Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, it’s possible to create a microservices application that wouldn’t require any form of infrastructure management from the development team.

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