Agile Business Architecture – Bringing Agile to the Whole Organization

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One of the principle goals of our content series is captured in this HBR article 'Bringing Agile to the Whole Organization', which is to generalize agile working practices developed by software engineers, and re-apply them to organizational agility goals.

This sets the context for Agile Business Architecture best practices.

Agile Business Architecture - Bringing DevOps to the Whole Enterprise

Our best practices section for Enterprise DevOps offers a specific model for improving the productivity rates of the software development, but it is only that, a model for the software development team. HBR asks but what about the rest of the organization? Does the business only want a high performance software team, or also one surrounded by aligned Sales, Product and Marketing teams too?

Further articles set the scene for this particular scope, in particular in The New New Product Development Game and Getting the Most Out of Your Product Development Process, where they describe how important it is for organizations to apply the best process models to product innovation, an effect driven by How the Software Industry Redefines Product Management.

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