DevOps Integration Hub: Platform for ‘DevOps Recipes’

DevOps Integration Hub

As Tasktop suggest in their blog one of the key bottlenecks constricting the throughput of DevOps teams is the lack of integration between the different tools used to complete the software development lifecycle.

So they have suggested the need for a general solution category, a ‘DevOps Integration Hub‘ as a particular fit for this need.

Adding a new ‘Gateway‘ capability to their own existing tool set, they have defined a solution that offers features such as:

  • Exposes their Tasktop integration platform with a modern webhook, REST and JSON based integration layer that will allow any DevOps tool to be connected to the software lifecycle, such as Selenium-based test execution to Agile planning tools.
  • Jenkins integration for flowing build information to user stories or requirements, as well as Github and Gerrit integration for automating change set traceability.

Bosch – Continuous Deployment, at scale

They describe how the 1,000 strong Bosch team have achieved a unified tool chain that funnels 2,500 feature requests a month from electric car innovation programs, into a single dash board for developers to prioritize and action.

Furthermore by tying together Jenkins with the automation to burn Flash ECUs they have empowered the team to work around a true end-to-end Continuous Deployment lifecycle.

recipeDevOps Recipes

Tasktop defines these toolchain combinations as ‘DevOps Recipes’, an idea that would correspond with what I have called specifically ‘Toolchain Recipes‘.

It’s a very powerful metaphor when you consider how literally it enables sharing of best practices.

High velocity team processes that have been developed by a real team, encoded into the application patterns they use to achieve them, is a big building block for enabling this.

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