Synthesizing Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture

ba-eaA question that’s likely to arise for many considering implementing a Business Architecture practice is how it might relate to their existing skills and artifact base, most notably Enterprise Architecture, a relationship introduced in this Open Group document. where they describe:

“A knowledge of the Business Architecture is a prerequisite for architecture work in any other domain (Data, Application, Technology), and is therefore the first architecture activity that needs to be undertaken, if not catered for already in other organizational processes (enterprise planning, strategic business planning, business process re-engineering, etc.).”

Hence this ABN Amro presentation Using Business Architecture for Strategy Planning is very informative, both as a primer to Business Architecture and also to address that particular question.

This is because it provides a comprehensive how-to guide for BA, right from initial strategy planning through through the EA function and the assets they typically deal with, defining their BA knowledge base to be made up a complete architecture portfolio including the DM Bok, Biz Bok, IFW, TOGAF, and also the Business Model Canvas.

It encompasses governance and team models. For example how Principle Architects organize the Architecture Review Board, in companion with Solution Architects and Business Advisors.

A design review process, also a version of the ‘Canvas to Blueprint‘, is described to illustrate mapping Value Streams on to Capability Maps, as part of assessing maturity and planning Heat Impact Maps.

They inventoried their own capabilities, scorecarding them across nine Value Propositions, to ensure they were prioritizing the right work to meet the defined Strategic Goals.

References – Building your BA practice

Other case studies of Business Architecture adoption, and how it encompassed Enterprise Architecture include:

Considering how they planned and implemented their adoption is ideal materials for establishing your own BA practice. Another helpful guide is from Mastercard: Establishing the Practice.

TOGAF and Business Architecture

In this presentation Aligning Business Architecture to TOGAF, explores the specific connect with TOGAF, making a number of key mappings, in particular how BA designs like Capability Maps can be transposed on to EA designs such as a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

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