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Winning the Digital Transformation Game – Harnessing the Third Platform

IDC's Mike Rosen proposes Platforms represent a third generation of IT architecture, and are the essential keystone to Digital Transformation.

Mike Rosen has a unique take on the Platform Business Model, describing it as the third in a generation of IT architectures.

In his OMG presentation Winning the Digital Transformation Game, Mike describes the overlay of Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data across the traditional legacy of hardware, software and telco services, constituting the ‘Third Platform’ and beginning around 2006.

He highlights the general explosion of the technology innovation ecosystem, everything from 3D Printers through Augmented Reality to the Blockchain, are each executing major levels of disruptive change, in parallel to one another.

As they intersect and synthesize so even larger virtual market opportunities are opened up, from digital currencies to entirely new app sets for the public sector to new mass market gaming niches.

This time of hyper-innovation will be best exploited by those organizations led by Chief Digital Officers, the evolution of the CTO role to reflect this increased strategic importance, and those who are practiced in building Platform architecture.

The presentation describes:

  • Five organizational pillars of transformation: Leadership, Omnichannel Experience, Information, Operating Model and WorkSource.
  • Three primary action drivers: Create expectation-altering customer experiences, use information for competitive advantage and create new revenue streams through connected services.
  • Digital Marketplace core: A central IT design of a catalog of integrated, brokered, managed IT Business Services.
  • An Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model: That defines an evolution from local agility to enterprise agility.
  • A Performance Architecture: A management dashboard for synthesizing all of these initiatives to drive success and growth.

Mike then summarizes by describing how Business Architecture offers the skill set to define the implementation of these pillars, repeating the central theme that it provides a formal way of linking strategy with execution planning.

What You Need to Know

Frank Gens – IDC Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst, explains what you need to know about Digital Transformation and 3rd Platform Leadership.

The Future is Platforms

Experts believe that digital ecosystems could account for more than $60 trillion in revenue by 2025, and yet only 3% of companies have adopted an active platform strategy. How can executives prepare for digital transformation?

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