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UKCloud releases public sector adoption report: Multi-cloud on the rise

UKCloud has announced the results of a survey of more than 300 senior IT professionals and business leaders that reveals the key challenges and issues that are affecting cloud adoption.

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Azure Cloud Migration and Business Transformation

Microsoft offers best practices for planning transition to their Cloud services through their Migration Centre, including a detailed white paper, as well as a number of customizations to support the migration. Services like Azure Site Recovery and Database Migration Service...

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Business Architecture for Cloud Migration and Transformation

A Model Driven approach for planning complex enterprise cloud migrations, based on the OMG’s Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) methodology.

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AWS: Building a Cloud Centre of Excellence for Digital Transformation

AWS best practices for building a Cloud Centre of Excellence and leading an organization through a Cloud-powered Digital Transformation.

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Netflix – Exemplar blueprint for Cloud Native Computing

Netflix has defined, pioneered and open sourced the 'Cloud Native' trend, methods and tools.

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