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In a 2015 VentureBeat article the author explained how Netflix had pioneered the future of enterprise tech, an approach that came to be defined as ‘Cloud Native’.

This described moving away from traditional enterprise technologies to a new paradigm of ‘web scale IT’, applications built with services packaged in containers, deployed as microservices and managed on elastic infrastructure through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows.

Code Like Netflix

Netflix shares their best practices via blogs and presentations, and have even shared the software they’ve created to make it possible via open source. You too can Build Code Like Netix, literally.

Enterprise Case Studies

The ebook showcases case study examples of enterprise organizations who have gone Cloud Native, including Scotiabank, HSBC, the DOD and others.

The Enterprise Journey to Cloud Native

AWS CTO Werner Vogels lays out a vision and roadmap for how their suite of hyper-scale Cloud services can support enterprises seeking to undertake the Cloud Native journey.


The book is accompanied by a full e-learning course, packed with hands on tutorials with code samples, and access to a sandbox testing environment.

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Nirmata – Cloud Native DevOps

In this presentation Nirmata provides an overview of Cloud Native DevOps.

This summarizes the journey from monoliths in VMs to microservices in containers, from ITSM Runbooks to automated infrastructure, and the central role of Kubernetes as the ‘Cloud Native OS’, and how their solution enables the creation and management of virtual Kubernetes clusters.

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Kong: Architecting the Future – Cloud Native Applications.

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