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Nirmata is an enterprise Kubernetes operations & management platform, designed to reduce complexity and drive DevOps agility.

San Jose, California , United States
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Nirmata provides comprehensive policy-based automation for deploying, operating, and optimizing Kubernetes applications across clouds, via easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces. Nirmata empowers enterprise DevOps teams by fully automating the complex operations and management of application containers. Nirmata is a Kubernetes certified solution, and Nirmata, Inc. is also a Kubernetes Certified Solution Provider.

As they describe in their blog Nirmata can be deployed with technologies such as VMware Cloud Director, to achieve ‘Carrier Grade Kubernetes’.

Nirmata is a unified management plane for all your Kubernetes clusters and workloads. Nirmata simplifies Kubernetes operations and accelerates the adoption of cloud-native technologies. In Nov 2019 they released version 3.0 which enables advanced multi-cluster workflows and use cases for cluster operators and the freedom to enable multiple developer experiences.

Delivery options include SaaS or on-premise, and it can be applied for solution scenarios such as Disaster Recovery, Continuous Delivery and Application Modernization.

They have also created Kyverno, an open source policy engine for Kubernetes.

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