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Stackery’s environment management ensures you have a clear view across your serverless pipeline into which versions of your code and infrastructure are running. By integrating with your existing CI/CD system, your release and test engineering processes can also stay the same.

AWS Serverless Application Model

Stackery builds on top of AWS Serverless Application Model. CEO Nate Taggart discusses SAM in this NewStack article.

Fast-growing companies use AWS Lambda to build architecture with limitless scalability. Stackery is the way teams build and manage serverless infrastructure quickly."

Stackery allows developers to build features without needing to spend unnecessary time on tools. Centralized deployment automation, new service bootstrapping, and multiple environments come standard out of the box.

Serverless for Enterprise Teams

Their white paper describes how serverless teams can write application code directly to their serverless cloud environments, backed up by the Git-based version control of their choice.

In addition, all of the infrastructure code that is used to provision and configure CloudFormation resources is versioned and backed up to GitHub as well.



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