GLC – Github Learning Course

Open Sourcing Best Practices

As the name suggests a ‘GLC’ – Github Learning Course, is a learning course built around a particular Github repository, to offer the associated ‘How To’ instructional and training material to support adoption of whatever that repo shares.

Typically it is used for open source software distributions, but it can be eased for any kind of shareable assets, notably learning materials: Reading lists, quiz templates, etc. What we describe as ‘open sourcing best practices‘.

Course Materials

This is achieved by linking the repository within the ‘Course Materials’ section of the course. Each learning course has an option of adding Course Materials, that can include any kind of web content: Reading list links, Youtube video playlists and Github repos.

Repos are ideal as they act as a single container for delivering, easily downloading, a complete curriculum of resources, which is also able to register and act on user feedback, accepting improvements to it too.

This builds in a self-improving automation – Not only does it convey the asset needed for learners to self-teach, but it is also responsive to improvement based upon their experience of utilizing it, an ideal real-world continuous improvement dynamic.

Virtual Classrooms

Learning Groups

Courses can also be upgraded to Learning Groups, meaning a community space where peers can discuss support questions, share product news, etc.

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