Digital Business Architecture - From Canvas to Blueprint

This ebook provides an executive introduction into Business Architecture (BA) best practices, and how they can be leveraged quickly to drive Digital Transformation strategies.

Based on analysis of BA implementations at firms such as Mastercard, Credit Suisse, Chevron and many other blue-chip enterprise organizations, we've distilled these into a recipe for repeating them to drive digital platform strategies.

Table of Contents

Topics include:

  • Introduction - Business Architecture for Digital Transformation - An overview of the BA reference list we base this book on, and how the practice underpins the process of Digital Transformation.
  • From Canvas to Blueprint - How BA provides the ideal toolset for evolving initial product venture ideas, described in a Business Model Canvas form, into a more complex planning repository for enterprise level transformations.
  • Mastercard: Agile Business Architecture - Bringing Agile to the Whole Organization. How the nimble practices of DevOps can be extended across the entire organization as a common design for more structured, but faster, product innovation activities. Based on an exemplar suite of presentations from Mastercard.
  • Credit Suisse: Enterprise Transformation Framework - Credit Suisse compliments this set with their own comprehensive Design Review Process, a way of translating complex enterprise application estates into new Cloud blueprint designs.