As Wikipedia describes a 'TOM' - Target Operating Model is:

Target operating model (TOM) is a description of the desired state of the operations of a business. Typically a TOM also includes the roadmap over time that specifies what the company needs to do to move from the "as is" to the "to be".

canvas1From Canvas to Blueprint

In short it reflects the fundamental dynamic of strategic planning - How to get from 'Here' to 'There'.

For this to be successful and profitable transformation it is essential that 'There' is very clearly defined so that the many team members on the journey know where to head.

Business Architecture is an essential skill set for this process because it provides the tools for describing target operating models.

A keynote presentation that explains how best to achieve this also highlights the critical perspective that titles the article: 'From Canvas to Blueprint', in the Boeing presentation 'Using Business Architecture to Realize Your Target Operating Model'.

The key insight is that definition of a Target Operating Model can be a subsequent step in a process that begins with the popular Business Model Canvas.

Important not just because of this standardized popularity, but because it reflects the dynamic that it is a cascading xxx that includes earlier Strategic Priorities being set by senior executives, in an even simpler form than the canvas.

for example on slide 16:


and that this process then rolls into... where on slide 21:


the essential feature of this process reflects the title of 'Canvas to Blueprint', which is that xx.

binary browser and cloud illustration design over a white background

Target Application Map

A number of additional practices and insights that can help support and accelerate this approach.

For example and Huawei describe the role of a meta-model.

One fundamental item of this design is the technical architecture of the new IT and application environment.

In the Credit Suisse case study they define an Application Architecture Roadmap.