Digital Transformation

Innovations, Best Practices and Vendor Solutions

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Transformation and Leadership

The definition of Digital Transformation is a simple one, but as McKinsey describes implementation is actually very difficult.

Our guide explores the innovative new organizational models and best practices that can address these challenges and unlock high speed digital innovation, such as ‘Digital Factories’.

Digital Leadership

CIO Case Studies

Our guide offers case studies of how enterprise CIOs have led the digital transformation of their organizations.


Enterprise Digital

Enterprise Digital is the umbrella term for the wide spectrum of vendor technologies, from RPA through chatbots, that can form the foundation for enabling digital transformation.

Planning and Managing

Digital Transformation Roadmaps

Digital Transformation Roadmaps provide a methodology and set of tools for planning and managing digital transformation:

  • Defining Strategic Initiatives - Identifying the overall vision, organizational objectives and new digital business models.
  • Work Management - Schedule the projects and tasks required to achieve those objectives, linking them to initiatives and managing them through milestones and release schedules.
  • Roadmap Planning - Visualize plans and progress in the form of interactive roadmaps. Organize work into portfolios and manage feature releases.

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