Getting Things Done, Extreme (GTDx) is a personal AND team collaboration model for Enterprise Best Practices.

The name is derived through combining Getting Things Done with Extreme Programming.

GTD is based on a simple framework that lets you relax about your working life by ensuring that i) you’re entirely thorough about inputting 100% of all of your tasks into one system, and then ii) ensuring you organize those tasks by modes of work (e.g. At The Computer, Making Calls) so that you work through them in the most efficient manner.

Extreme Programming focuses the same principles at the important team level factors, like having a real pulse on how much work is Getting Done and by getting more work done effectively through faster throughput of smaller iterations.

Github tools can be used to implement these practices.

For example integrations like Zenhub and Slack offer extreme task management and agile collaboration, and you can assess project progress (velocity) via “burn down charts“,

You can subscribe to any activity to be notified of changes and the Slack integration will automatically pop news alerts from GitHub activities they are linked to. Furthermore Zenhub even organizes the personal aspect of task management in line with Getting Things Done.

Tasks that are assigned and fed to you can then be organized in line with the GTD model: