From Mainframe to Microservices

Aggregated industry maturity model for 'Cloud Native Applications'.

Capability  Level 1 - Repeatable Level 2 - Defined Level 3 - Optimizing Level 4 - Adaptive
Cloud Aware Applications (*1) Virtualization only. Application is composed of loosely coupled services. Services are stateless and infrastructure agnostic. Apps can self-migrate across multiple Cloud providers.
IaaS Adoption (*2) Internal organization-based virtualization. Selected business processes and functions leverage IaaS facilities from service providers, with early and developing focus on managed services. Deployment of complex IaaS services across managed service providers, and internal private clouds providing IaaS services.

Hybrid cloud environments for IaaS are maturing, and business demand drives an effective use of hybrid clouds in a dynamic and seamless fashion.

IaaS services across private clouds and public clouds are leveraged through high maturity within interoperability, federation, and open standards. The focus is on multi-provider SLAs for reliability, meeting business demand, interoperability, and business benefits through selection of the appropriate services based on cost, capacity, need, and control requirements.
SDN/NFV (*3) Network services are not yet virtualized, they are able to run on standard IA/64 based server ‘bare metal’ hardware, occupying the server but not sharing the environment with hypervisor or virtual machines. Network services run within a virtual machine and can co­reside with other VM functions, but require dedicated IO access, limiting the flexible orchestration of the component and thus restricting its full elasticity. Network services run within VMs and are able to utilize virtual IO ports, enabling flexible orchestration of the component Network services are able to be orchestrated at a lifecycle level as a deployable runtime component, and during runtime to accept dynamic reconfiguration commands, to scale up/down and establish new IO resource connections.


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