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Maturity of the IT organization relevant to Enterprise Cloud adoption

The objective of the Digital Organization component of the ECMM is to provide an overall organizational context for the adoption of Enterprise Cloud platforms, in particular focusing on the increasing maturity of the CIO themselves, as well as the skills and capabilities of the IT team.


Capability  Level 1 - Repeatable Level 2 - Defined Level 3 - Optimizing Level 4 - Visionary
Digital CIO 2.1. Utility Provider – IT is involved in the organization only as an operational department, typically reporting to the CFO. 2.2. Outsourcing - Expansion through traditional ICT outsourcing and some IaaS. 2.3. Process Optimizer – Purposeful improvement of business processes through targeted applications of IT solutions.

CIO is sought out by department leaders to address their needs.

2.4. Revenue Enabler –Proactively drives business growth through leveraging technology as a strategic asset.

CIO and CEO work hand in hand to devise technology-enabled disruptive strategies.

Business Architecture Very little if any formal Business Architecture planning is involved in IT decisions. Traditional EA methods only are used for planning Cloud adoption. The IT organization has an explicit method of linking business strategy to IT decisions.  

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