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Cloud Solution Design is the consultative process to interpret customer requirements and translate them into the best Cloud service combinations.

Depending on your Business Requirements, any number of Cloud service options might be the best fit for you, such as:

  • Setting up a small business e-commerce site on Shopify
  • Moving to Google Apps email and adopting a new set of office collaboration practices
  • Migrating old IT applications to IaaS providers for improved resilience and reliability
  • Transforming your software development team to adopt DevOps practices
  • Modernizing and migrating an entire estate of hundreds of applications...

..among many others, with one or more of them being the best combination for your organizations needs.

Cloud Solution Design is the process of conducting this analysis and mapping exercise and formulating the required answers and implementation plan.

pizza-aasXaaS Mapping - Cloud Pattern Matching

Successful execution of this approach mainly requires i) a comprehensive understanding of the many IaaS/PaaS/SaaS options available across the Cloud industry, and ii) a planning model and best practices to support the requirements matching process.

Best practices for defining this matching process are achieved through identifying and cataloguing available expert materials, from organizations such as Mastercard, Credit Suisse and more.

Read more in XaaS Mapping.

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Solutions Community

The CBPN site acts as a Cloud Solutions Community, based on a a Vendor Directory, which is indexed and organized in line with this framework, to support the process of Cloud Solution Design through additional activities:

Vendor Capability Maps

Our Vendor Partner Program develops their involvement from a simple directory entry through to full integration across our best practices knowledge base, most notably working with them to define Vendor Capability Maps.

Solution Blueprints

Vendor Capabilities form the building block of overall Solution Blueprints, these products plus the additional Solution Consulting required to package Cloud services in totality for a specific business scenario.