tosca1Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications

TOSCA is a technology agnostic standard, developed through OASIS, that enables you to orchestrate your entire application lifecycle by modeling your topology once, and then deploying it to your infrastructure of choice, all while managing, monitoring, scaling and healing everything in the same place.

The charter for the standard is here, and one of its pioneers Paul Lipton summarizes an executive introduction as ‘Escaping Vendor Lock-in‘, playing a key role in the implementation of a Cloud Management Platform.

The Wikipedia entry describes it as:

“an OASIS standard language to describe a topology of cloud based web services, their components, relationships, and the processes that manage them. The TOSCA standard includes specifications to describe processes that create or modify web services.”

Implementation and Innovation White Papers

An Overview of the TOSCA standard

Openstack – TOSCA implemented on Openstack Heat, and in this white paper they discuss Cloud Service Orchestration with TOSCA, Chef and Openstack

OpenTOSCA A Run time for TOSCA-based Cloud Applications

Automatic Topology Completion Using TOSCA

Webinars and presentations

The CSCC recorded this webinar – TOSCA: Cloud Portability and Lifecycle Management.

This presentation from IBM discusses how TOSCA can be applied to NFV lifecycle management, implemented on Openstack.

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