Cloud Native is the new term that Google, VMware, SAP and many others are using to describe a Netflix-inspired technology evolution to a microservices architecture and continuous deployment model.

In this book we provide a round up of the Cloud Best Practices that can be utilized to achieve this vision, covering:

Table of Contents

  • Flagship Case Studies - How Netflix revolutionized application architecture through Microservices, enabling others like Nike to follow their lead.
  • The Platform Business Model - The repeatable formula for the digital disruption pioneered by the 'Digital Natives' like Uber, Netflix and Airbnb.
  • Cloud Native Maturity Model - A documented formula for building 'Cloud Aware' applications.
  • Microservices Containers - A building block of Cloud Native computing.
  • From Silos to DevOps - Utilizing the 'Inverse Conway Manoeuvre' to transform from a hierarchical department model for your IT organization, to an agile DevOps one.
  • DevOps PLM - How to combine all of these tools with key management principles like the Theory of Constraints, to maximize developer productivity and boost cash flow.

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