The NewStack writes that Robust API Management is Key to Microservices, and as explains API Gateways are the principle means by which microservices communicate, an architecture approach Martin Fowler describes as ‘Smart Endpoints and Dumb Pipes‘.

This says that where the traditional SOA approach favours sophisticated middleware that contains in-depth logic for handing the exchanges between applications, microservices prefer a much simpler exchange mechanism, with the services themselves self-containing much more of this logic, and communications achieved via the lightweight REST protocol.

netflix-oss-150x150Netflix describe how to optimize their API in this blog, and other options include Apache Spring as API Gateway


In the NewStack article they profile Stormpath, an identity service provider, to highlight the role of Identity within the API context.

Their CEO makes the point that building microservices will require common features like authentication and so it’s a natural compliment and enabling component for a microservices architecture.

Through a new partnership with 3scale, an API gateway and management service provider, there is now a simple code snippet available on Github to allow developers to integrate a complete identity layer into their web and mobile applications.