As Gartner describes APIs are at the heart of the digital business model, an effect they explore for hot spot markets like digital banking.

This great Diginomica case study of Pearson shares insights into how one pioneering media organization harnessed APIs into their digital strategy.

Dr Lester Thomas, Chief Systems Architecture at Vodafone, describes their central role in developing a Telco marketplace in this form, an ‘NFVaaS Ecosystem’.

API Ecosystems are central to the Platform Business Model, in that they play a keystone role in the overall objective: Making the business ‘programmable’, like how it enabled the ‘platformication‘ of the Evernote business model.

Github for APIs

As the API Evangelist writes in this article series Github can be used for API development:

Github is about social coding and file versioning, an approach that offers huge benefits to API management practices. You want all aspects of your API operations to be social and versioned allowing it to evolve over time–Github handles this like no other platform.