Multi-Ethnic People Social Networking with Innovation ConceptsThe CBPN builds Cloud-enabled "Roadmap Communities"

Using the same social media community platforms as this site, combined with other Cloud applications such as Github for open source distribution and tools for Innovation Management, the CBPN offers Roadmap Communities, a method for synthesizing complex groups into focused innovation.

Communities can be very small, through to large scale regional or industry clusters, and can cater for scenarios such as:

  • DevOps and Cloud Migrations - Communities can be very small such as a single project team, and the roadmapping tools used for planning and managing technical work such as one-off Cloud Migrations or ongoing DevOps.
  • Industry Roadmaps - They can also be organized at a much larger, multi-organization level and are ideal for activities such as 'Technology Roadmaps', using them as a common industry-wide innovation framework for a particular sector, such as our XaaS Provider Roadmap for the Telco and Hosting industry.
  • Community Roadmaps - Platforms to support local economic development and political engagement programs, such as our Action the Ivany Report, a grass roots economic program for tackling challenges in Nova Scotia, and ScotVote, our roadmap for supporting Scottish Independence.


Each community offers:
  • Idea to Venture Lifecycle - Leverage the crowd to stimulate and filter innovation.
  • DevOps workflows and collaboration tools - Turn ideas into code.
  • Social knowledge base - Enable an editorial flow to populate blogs, wikis, ebooks and other knowledge resources.

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