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ccn-digitalTechnology Roadmaps 2.0Research from the Canadian Government on using ‘Technology Roadmaps’ for industry and economic development, is a key inspiration for this service.

Multi-Ethnic People Social Networking with Innovation Concepts

Idea to Venture Lifecycle

The backbone of each community is the ‘Idea to Venture Lifecycle’, a method of organizing Open, grass roots innovation into formal ‘PLM’ – Product Lifecycle Management.

Site visitors can submit ideas, organized into topics relevant for that roadmap, and from there progressed through an escalating series of planning tools and decision workflows, until ultimately populating the Product Roadmap.

A working example is our Action the Ivany Report initiative, where the Community Roadmap describes how this is implemented towards a goal of local Economic Development.


  • Idea to Venture Lifecycle – Leverage the crowd to stimulate and filter innovation.
  • DevOps workflows and collaboration tools – Turn ideas into code.
  • Social knowledge base – Enable an editorial flow to populate blogs, wikis, ebooks and other knowledge resources.

Roadmap Communities are available on a SaaS basis, and are also launched in joint venture with partners.

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