The CBPN web sites blend together a unique combination of Cloud applications, into an integrate suite intended for building 'Roadmap Communities'.

Key capabilities including a social community publishing platform, enabling a knowledge base of blogs, wikis, ebooks and other content assets, with an app for PLM - Product Lifecycle Management. This synchronizes community knowledge with structured product development procedures and workflows, and can be used for scenarios such as:

  • Enterprise DevOps Roadmaps - Used for implementing complex enterprise migration projects and implementing Enterprise DevOps capabilities.
  • Industry Roadmaps - The same principles can be applied at a broader industry level, and utilized as a framework to unify and concentrate collaborative innovation efforts for that industry, such as our NFVaaS roadmap.
  • Community Roadmaps - Platforms to support local economic development and political engagement programs, such as our Action the Ivany Report, a grass roots economic program for tackling challenges in Nova Scotia, and ScotVote, our roadmap for supporting Scottish Independence.