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Strategy, transformation and Cloud delivery services
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Why us?

We “eat our own dog food”. The CBPN is run entirely using our own technology services and organized via a state of the art 21st century networked business model, offering our clients:

Full Service

Digital Transformation

Custom IT services and solutions built specifically for your business

We offer an end-to-end capability for planning and implementing Digital Transformation.

From conceptualizing new digital business models and market innovations through the technology delivery required to bring those ideas to life.

As Cloud experts we specialize in a rapid, modular solution assembly process.


Agile virtual teams assembled quickly to support your business needs.

Digital Marketing

Strategy and services to boost your online profile and generate sales leads.

Cloud Services

A complete suite of Cloud services, from migration consulting through SaaS and managed solutions.

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How we can help

We offer a catalogue of digital services for the smallest to the largest organizations.


Web applications, Cloud hosting, email collaboration...

Resourcing and Teams

Agile virtual teams assembled quickly to support your needs.

E-Commerce strategy

Digital business platforms that support and enable global growth.

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