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HSBC: Using Serverless at Scale in Banking

In this video Srimanth Rudraraju, the lead digital solutions architect of the renowned HSBC bank explains the use of serverless schemes at scale in the banking domain. At 0:21, Mr. Srimanth points out that HSBC is one of the world’s...

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How to build a movie review app with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

In this video, Matthew Soucoup explains how he mashed together three Azure services, namely the Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Functions and Azure AD B2C to create a movie review application using Xamarin Forms. At 0:54, he states that the movie...

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Azure Functions and the future of Serverless in the Enterprise

A detailed presentation on Microsoft's Serverless technology: Azure Functions.

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DevOps in a Serverless World (Cloud Next ’19)

Managing the "error budget" to achieve an optimal level of SRE - Site Reliability Engineering, with Google Serverless Cloud.

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Accelerate Adoption of Microservices with Serverless

Cloud Native messaging utilizing Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) and Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service).

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